Troupe Members

Devon Apple - Guru of Squamous Knowledge and a Gentleman of Character

Devon Apple, Local Man of Mystery. He's groovy, baby. He's the man who put the "Swi" in Swinger. His rollicking adventures have made men envious and women swoon since...well, for a long time. He's a shagalicious secret agent who always has a groovy time. Let's face it, he makes you horny, baby.

Devon is also a not terribly top secret member of our NPC force, a writer, and our Lovecraft Mythos guru. His commanding presence and glib tongue have made him a natural for regal characters. He is also, by far, the most prepared of us, taking the time to not only write, but memorize lengthy speeches for his parts.

Devon also maintains the web site, as well as composing flyers for all of our games.

When not saving the world from e-ville, Devon works in the National Patient Care Services department at Kaiser Permanente as a web developer. He's an aspiring poet, avid gamer, and a fan of swing music. His personal web site is found here. To give you a measure of his personality, two of his favorite bands are Lee Press-on and the Nails and the Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.



Matt Leslie - Guru of World Knowledge

It has never really been clear that Matt - if that is indeed his real name - exists. He tends to fade from one's mind at inopportune times like web page data from a crashed server only to reappear when you least expect it. The members of Dreams of Deirdre make no claims to his supposed existence - or non-existence - nor to the status of his membership within the troupe - since he clearly could not be a member if he did not, in fact, exist. Until such time as it is conclusively proved otherwise, Matt will be considered to be a Heisenberg Uncertainty LARPer. It is impossible to both determine his membership status and his existence at any given time.

His position in this group, should one be shown to exist, would have began as a consultant in the field of Star Warsology, after which he would have been given a field promotion to full member due to budgetary constraints. Should he prove to not be a member of Dreams of Deirdre, he is therefore beneath notice and so that case will not be discussed here.

Should he prove to exist, it is postulated that he would be of that rare breed of hardware person, surrounded by the software people of Silicon Valley. It is further theorized that he would be a practitioner of aikido, be married to a woman named Carol and have two cats.


Wendy Lo - Pixiepotentiary

Wendy is the Celtic influence in Dreams of Deirdre, as well as the one known for being the hyper treehugger sugar junkie. She contributes as a game writer, convention GM, and NPC, and occasionally the amateur source for obscure Gaelic words.

In other guises, Wendy is a technical writer, cleantech aficionado, singer, mother, poet, student of kung fu, and bassist. Some of these talents are more developed than others.

Wendy can be identified at cons by her war-cry, "Pixie Sticks and Scotch!!" and her casting in frequent and sadistic NPC roles assigned by the other DoD writers which involve fainting, dying, falling in love, or all three, not necessarily in the most convenient order.


Erik Oberlin - Guru of World Knowledge and Gentleman of Character

What can be said about Erik that has not already been sung in the legends and myths of our age? That his keen eyes can spot a butterfly across a field of flowered brambles on a dark day? That his razor wit has on more than one occasion kept peace in a strange and foreign land? That his physical form is one of such surpassing handsomeness that he must turn away lust filled maidens at every turn? Yes, these things could be said of Erik Oberlin, but they would not - strictly speaking - be true. He is, however, a pretty cool guy.

Erik provides us with knowledge about the various worlds in which we run games, when we are running games in White Wolf's World of Darkness. This is because he's the only one with patience to read all the books and supplements that the various game publishers come out with, and the willingness to spend money on them in the first place. Needless to say, we couldn't live without him. In game, he often explains to players why things are happening and what the background of the game world is so that they can better understand their part in it. He's also been LARPing for a number of years and has even taken classes on improvisational acting at a community college to improve his skills.

Erik lives in San Jose and is an employee of the government. This should scare the hell out of you. The government thing, not the bit about San Jose. Living in San Jose is perfectly normal. Really.

He is interested in anime, role-playing, and, er, other stuff, we're sure. See, the thing is, he spends a lot of time watching anime and role-playing, and he isn't here right now to list any of his further interests.


Dana Priebe - Spokesperson and Gadabout

Dana Priebe grew up in the wilds of Seattle, quickly acquiring the good common sense and animal cunning so common amongst her native people. After the standard youthful meanderings, she attended the University of Washington and lived next door to the fellow who did Kurt Cobain's autopsy.

After graduating with a degree in chemistry, she worked as a scientist for a number of years before being distracted by a bright shiny object. She has worked for a number of pharmaceutical development companies and helped develop drug delivery systems for cancer treatment, pain management, and diabetes treatment. Now “retired,” she spends her days as a housewife — working harder than she ever did while gainfully employed.

She has published one short story, a one-page game system called T.V.R.P.S., and is also the lead game designer for the L.A.R.P.S. core book. She is married to the beautiful and talented Lori Priebe with whom she has an indeterminate number of cats.


Lori Priebe - Mistress of Plot

It is rumored that Lori, Mistress of the DoD plots, has magical powers. Investigators have spent countless hours attempting to study her, only to find themselves mysteriously performing small tasks for her like washing the car, doing the dishes, etc. Since no actual experiments have ever been successfully completed (but the floors shine like nobody's business), confirmation of these alleged mystical abilities is not available at this time.

Lori was the lead instigator in the creation of Dreams of Deirdre. For unknown but certainly important and imminently persuasive reasons, David, her husband, agreed to run a LARP with her at the next con. It is she who comes up with many of our plots and characters. Oh, those cool invitation/character sheets were her idea, too.

Lori's current interests include writing, reading tomes of magical import, running role playing games for her friends, always having an alibi during thefts of powerful mystic artifacts, and tormenting her cats. Lori is a professional Project Manager, author of the blog The (Im)Perfect Manager, and is wanted by the government of Peru. If you're a non-Peruvian computer company who is looking to give a lot of money to a really swell person, she might be interested.