Game Links

  • White Wolf: White Wolf's main page. These are the guys who write a lot of the game worlds in which we set our games. Check out here for another description of them.
  • CRD Sector: A great source for all your Paranoia needs. They created those wonderful forms we used for our Paranoia game.

Con Links

  • Dundracon: A big gaming con in San Ramon. One way or another, we will be there. It takes place over Presidents Day weekend.
  • KublaCon: The people who used to run GameCon and Manafest have pooled their resources to create this con. It's over Memorial Day Weekend in San Francisco (near the airport).
  • Polycon: A central coast con, run in late June. We've never run there, but we met the guy who runs the thing and he seems nice.
  • PacifiCon: Yet another gaming convention. This one's in Santa Clara and takes place over Labor Day weekend.
  • BigBadCon: An Oakland gaming convention focusing on LARPs and tabletop RPGs. This charity convention takes place the first weekend of October, near the Oakland Airport.

Troupe Links