Future Events

DundraCon 2019

Star Trek: Continuum Conundrum

Players: 24
Troupe: Dreams of Deirdre
System: LARPS

Description: Space: the often-returned-to frontier. This is the crew of the Starship Valiant, NCC-1623, going boldly wherever Starfleet tells them to. But in this stretch of unexplored space, things are about to go terribly astray.

This game is set in an archetypal Star Trek universe with the camp turned up to 11. Any generation of Trek crew costuming is welcome.

Past Events

Project: Beyond Sunset

KublaCon 2017

In an old-money university town, a fancy dinner and dance party is being hosted to launch a mysterious study in group psychology. It's rumored that it might even be tied to space exploration research on long-voyage dynamics. They need their answer tonight: are you in, or out?

A Garden of Forking Paths

DunDraCon 2017
"A Garden of Forking Paths" is a larp told in scenes, inspired by a story by Jorge Luis Borges. After a old man's memorial service, his surviving relatives gather to honor his will by publishing the unusual book he has written. Reading through this book for the first time, they follow four characters who face choices that will affect the course of their lives, while two other groups of relatives, playing the same characters, make their own, possibly divergent, decisions.

A Garden of Forking Paths (2012, Alleged Entertainment) was written by Susan Weiner, Vito D'Agosta, and Nat Budin, and first run in 2012 at Intercon L in Chelmsford, MA.

Last Night at the Old Cinema

PacifiCon 2016
A collection of employees, friends, family, and longtime patrons gather to pay tribute to their favorite cinema before it is demolished. Is this the end of an era? Is there unfinished business to settle? Is there hope for a reprieve from the wrecking ball?

Dangers Untold

KublaCon 2016
This larp was run for the Teen room at KublaCon 2016. "Dangers Untold" is a LARP inspired by films like Labyrinth and books like Alice in Wonderland, and gives people of all kinds a chance to take on the mantle of a heroine as she faces all the challenges before her, meets wonderful allies, and battles terrible foes. Written by Shoshana Kessock.

The Association for the Advancement of Rights for Fairytale Creatures (AFC)

KublaCon 2016
The Association for the Advancement of Rights for Fairytales Creatures (AFC) is is ruled with an iron fist by The Witch/The Evil Stepmother, and has been democratic in name only ever since she took over. This year someone has decided to speak up at the annual meeting. Many of the characters feel it is time to take a stand. What battle will you choose? Or will you sit back and let it happen? Larp design by Jeanita Hatlestrand, Alna Sogn Husvegg and Nils Andersen. Larpscript by Jeanita Hatlestrand. From Larps from the Factory.

The Transylvania Polygnostic University Fundraiser

DunDraCon 2016
A game based in the world of Girl Genius, and taking place one week before the events of that series. The Transylvania Polygnostic University is holding a fundraiser in the small mountain town of Alpenwine. A night of fun and SCIENCE! for all the invited guests. Knowledge of the Girl Genius web comic is helpful but not required.

The Future is Now

PacifiCon 2015
Three alien species form an inquiry to determine Earth's maturity with some carefully (randomly) selected humans to speak for their planet. "Intersections" is a fast-play LARP system which gives you the opportunity to customize your character and build relationships collaboratively.

Trial of Ashes

KublaCon 2015
Angels and demons assemble in judgement of a dire transgression of The Divine Order. "Intersections" is a fast-play LARP system which gives you the opportunity to customize your character and build relationships collaboratively.


DunDraCon 2015
Our allies at first, Paranorms became the boogie man. Or so the government says. People are taken. Voices are silenced. Will you be heard? "Remembrance" takes place at an upscale cocktail party, in a Dark Champions world of dark heroes and governmen suspicion. Cocktail and party attire encouraged but not required; street clothes for easy movement are also recommended to represent supers in hiding.

Leaves Fall in Lothlorien

KublaCon 2014
The strange travellers calling themselves the Fellowship floated downriver with Celeborn and Galadriel's blessing yesterday morning. Things should have returned to normal in Lorien, but strange tidings continue to roll in from the world; and last night, a terrible cry split the night. This morning, the Lady called you all in haste to staunch a hurt that threatens the secrecy and safety of all. "Leaves" is set at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, following an off-camera strand of the fate of Tolkien's Middle-earth. A Dreams of Deirdre offering.

Kobolds Ate My Baby! The LARP!

BigBadCon 2014
King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) has decided to throw a party. Now that the babies have been delivered, what happens next? Intrigue, cookery, and RANDOM HORRIBLE DEATH! This will be the inaugural run of our rules-light LARP system, 'Intersections.' Learn more about 'Kobolds Ate My Baby' here.

Of Masks And Madness

DunDraCon 2014
Description: Libations and sensuous pleasures abound at the masquerade party tonight. There will be no Houses, no colors, no rules. But no one lives for long in Westeros without realizing that things are often not as they seem, especially when there are masks and no rules, so expect more than a few surprises and have your head about you tonight...lest you lose yours!

Duchy of the Velvet Black

PacifiCon Game Expo 2013
The year is 2075 and mankind has begun to live in space. Where man goes, so do the fae. On board a small space station orbiting the Earth, a conclave of changelings have gathered to establish the first new duchy in mortal memory.

A Wedding of Veils

PacifiCon Game Expo 2013
Two minor families of two great houses are having a wedding that threatens to change the political balance of all of Westeros. Who is happy about it and who will do anything to stop it? A game set in George R.R. Martin's Game Of Thrones world.

This is an encore presentation of the 2013 DunDraCon game.

A Wedding of Veils

DunDraCon 2013

Two minor families of two great houses are having a wedding that threatens to change the political balance of all of Westeros. Who is happy about it and who will do anything to stop it? A game set in George R.R. Martin's Game Of Thrones world.

A Good Old Fashioned Seance

PacifiCon 2012

Come for the table knocking, stay for the other things that go bump in the night! Costuming from the early 1900’s encouraged but not required. Supernatural mysteries abound, new players welcome.
Event EL-673: 16 players; Fri 6:00PM to Sat 12:00AM (6 hrs); Location: Ponderosa

Overlook Sedge: a Dogs in the Vineyard LARP

PacifiCon 2012

In the land of balm and virtue, the Faithful carve their lives out of the land that the King of Life has provided for them. Overlook Sedge is one such midwestern community, which thrived in their piety and devotion. But faith is a hard candle to keep lit in a dangerous frontier, and the Faithful of this town have only just begun their trials.
“Overlook Sedge” is set in the world of “Dogs in the Vineyard,” an alternate history role-playing game focusing on the trials of a community analogous to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, settling and making their way in “a West that never quite was”. Religion is a dominant theme: the exploration of faith and belief will require respect and tolerance of all players.
Wild West or Colonial costuming is encouraged, but not a guarantee of a particular role. Most of the characters are going to be settlers of varying prosperity.

The Museum Job

DunDraCon 2012

A gala exhibition of priceless art opening at the Portland Metropolitan museum. Nothing nefarious could possibly be planned...

This game takes place in the 'Crime World' made famous in the Leverage TV show. (Watching a few episodes before the game is recommended, but not necessary.) Hackers, hitters, masterminds, grifters, and thieves do what they do best. Some for their own ends, and others because sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get.


DunDraCon 2011

Event ID: P72
Friday 7 PM in 608 for 6 hours
Players: 20
Provided: All characters provided by GM
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Genre: 1937 Supers
Costume Suggestions: 30s Superheroes appreciated

The successful 1936 Olympics in Germany are still echoing across the world stage; a speech in January of 1937 commemorating the rise of the German socialist movement and the success and prosperity of the German peoples has just been made. America and Britain have become more self involved; turned inward, their isolationism stems from a slow recovery from the greatest of all depressions, not quite a decade in the past. Other countries seek to change their own fortunes in the tumult of economic power

When communications are intercepted of German interest in a tomb deep in the Egyptian desert, other nations become interested as well. Superheroes, each nation's most powerful agents, are sent to secure the tomb if only to prevent others from gaining it. Even though no one seems to know what lies within, if other nations want it, their country must have it.

Pride and Baphomet

PacifiCon 2010

Event ID: TBD
Friday, September 3, 2010
Time: 7 pm to midnight
Players: 16
Provided: All characters provided by GM
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome.
Genre: Horror: this game could be gory and violent, so please plan accordingly.
Costume Suggestions: Costuming is encouraged but will not guarantee any specific roles.

Click here for more information.

Three Dragon Ante (Call of Chult)

Kublacon 2010

Event ID: 79111
Sunday 11 AM in Sandpebble D for 6 hours
Players: 25
Provided: All characters provided by GM
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Genre: Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms
Costume Suggestions: Medieval/Renaissance, swashbuckling.

A cool wind blows off the Trackless Sea. On the horizon, plumes of industrial fire float above the island of Lantan. It is a beautiful day in Chult, and from the stone walls of this fortified and bustling port city, the steamy, shrieking, ravenous jungles seem far away. But the darkness which keeps the Children of Ubtao behind fortified walls can creep in anywhere, at any time, and torches are not always enough to banish the shadows.

Forgotten grudges choke the humid Chult air, and the hair on the back of your neck prickles with unseen dangers. Will you cash in your chips, or heed the Call of Chult?

This LARP will be set in the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting (pre-Spellplague).

20 Million Leagues to Mars

DunDraCon 2010

Event ID: 171
Friday 8 PM in room 570 for 6 hours
Players: 25
Provided: All characters provided by GM
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Genre: Victorian Spacefaring/Steampunk/Space 1889-esque
Costume Suggestions: Victorian Naval or traveling clothes

The HRMS Elysium steams through the star-lanes between the Earth and the Empire's new outposts on the other worlds. The Captain and his crew have sailed from the jungles of Venus to the frozen wastes of Pluto with nary a scratch. This time they are simply bringing supplies and colonists to the dry deserts of Mars. What could possibly go wrong?

Togatto Nights

PacifiCon 2009 Game Expo

Event ID: GL-212
Saturday - time uncertain (11:30 am?) - location TBD - please review the convention schedule for times, locations, and signup procedures
Players: 25
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Genre: Star Wars
Costume Suggestions: alien outfits, racing gear, or anything which a Star Wars socialite would wear to a party.
Provided: All characters provided by GM

“Togatto Nights” is set between episodes 1 and 2, before the Clone Wars, and will focus on the pod-racing community. Players are encouraged to dress in costume, but doing so is not a guarantee of a particular type of character.

“Thunder will roll at the Eighteenth Togatto Speedway Classic on the planet of Esseles! Nivelm Gorgeby, Overseer of Damorian Manufacturing and proud sponsor of this unprecedented pod-racing event, will launch with an exclusive party at his private compound in the Razenelm District, where he will be delivering an explosive Togatto Speedway announcement that will blow you away! Win a chance to attend this private event, where you can mingle with pod-racing stars Stryche, Geb-D'Narj, and more! Meet with the sponsors and staff who make it happen, and be the first to hear the announcement that will shake the Togatto Speedway with the force of a thousand burning turbines! Togatto Nights!”

Pajama Promises

DunDraCon 2009

Event ID: 131
Friday 8 PM in Suite 508 for 8 hours
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 21
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Genre: Modern Horror/Mystery
Costume Suggestions: Pajamas/Night clothes
Provided: All characters provided by GM

Alumni of the Camp have grown successful, powerful and wealthy. Even those part of that mysteriously interrupted summer have enjoyed some measure of success...though not as much as they would have liked.

In return for that short summer, the Alumni are making up lost time, spending one night the Camp at a charity event before their own children arrive. Parents are expected to enjoy the wonders of childhood, camp, and all the things they missed out on—and those things which missed them—the first time around.

The Unholy Empire

Pacificon Game Expo: ConQuest 2008

Saturday, August 30th, from 3:00 to 11:00 PM
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 20 to 25
Event ID: 2574 (tentative)
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Costume Suggestions: This is a medieval/fantasy/magical setting, so any costuming from SCA to Renaissance is appropriate.

Dreams of Deirdre presents a LARP set in Terry Pratchett's Discworld. It is the Century of the Anchovy and the Unholy Empire has been consigned to the dustbin of history. Well, had been at any rate. Now some young fellow with a square jaw and an accent has come forward claiming to be the true heir to the Empire. Delegations from the surrounding kingdoms (not to mention from the former Empire itself) have been sent to see what this self proclaimed Emperor is playing at. Is the Disc ready for another Unholy Empire??

Golden Gate

KublaCon 2008

Sunday 6 PM in Sandpebble D for 6 hours
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 35
Event ID: 89002
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Costume Suggestions: This is a modern supernatural setting. Some opportunities for costuming, which is always admired but not required. Costuming does not guarantee a spot nor a particular character.

Our beloved San Francisco is under siege. Civilians are fleeing, the National Guard is in, and news reports are calling it a terrorist attack. But the evacuees are telling a much stranger tale. Who is the real enemy? Will you dare the unknown to see if the wilder stories are true?

A 7th Sea Adventure in Three Acts

DunDraCon 2008
Dreams of Deirdre: 7th Sea variant

Sunday 10 AM in Pacific room for 8 hours
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Costume Suggestions: Anything you would wear to Ren Faire (in period)

This is an experimental LARP that takes the same set of 16 characters through three different adventures that are altered based on the behavior of the characters in the preceding games.


Con-Quest 2007
Game System: L.A.R.P.S. (DoD LARP System)
Genre: Comic Book
Costuming Suggestions: supervillain or henchperson
Friday, August 31st, 7 pm
Location: San Ramon room, 2nd Floor

When Dr. Havok, the world's most dangerous supervillain, goes missing, the rest gather in his volcanic lair to carve up his territory. This is your chance to show them, to show them all!

I'll Be In My Bunk

KublaCon 2007
Game System: LARPS (DoD LARP System)
Genre: Firefly

Song of the Slow Empires

DunDraCon 2007
Sunday 11:00 AM in room 570 for 6 hours and 20 players
Genre: WoD Changeling LARP (Dreams of Deirdre)
Costuming Suggestions: WoD Changeling costumes suggested, but not required.
System: L.A.R.P.S. System

An ancient oath wrapped in a song calls those thought once lost, but
more lies beneath the surface. Tensions will run high in this
political fantasy drama, as enemies and allies are reevaluated. This
is set in the World of Darkness' Changeling genre. Bring your
imagination and your sense of wonder. Costumes are encouraged, but not


Con-Quest 2006
Dreams of Deirdre

The last five years have been rough for mutants, both the heroes and their powered foes. Tonight's meeting is one last chance for heroes to decide what to do. How they will seek redemption.


Con-Quest 2006
Dreams of Deirdre

Your transport abruptly drops out of hyperspace as a sudden lurch rocks the vessel. Your fellow passengers stare at you warily, and tension mounts as repairs are attempted... but fail. Could it be sabotage? Is somebody trying to kill everyone on board? Are the Rebels behind this, or could this be another Imperial trick?

"Stranded" is a Star Wars game set during "The Empire Strikes Back." Costuming is not required but encouraged.


KublaCon 2006
Friday, May 26
8 pm to 2 am
event # 19001

In the future, a group of people find themselves under lockdown in a West Coast military base. Time runs short as man and robot negotiate the dangers arising from the new world order.

Click here to see the flyer.

The Dukesport Tournament

DunDraCon 2006
Dreams of Deirdre/Deirdre's Nightmares
Game ID: 152
Friday 8PM in room Pacific Room for 6 hours

Pokethulhu cultists have gathered together from as far away as Cape Dagon to compete in the year's greatest tournament! See a shogopuff battling nyarlathozar! See the bright shiny colors from outer space! See if anyone can defeat Team Leng! But most of all, see who will remain sane enough to win the prize from the Old Witch of the Woods!

Click here to see the flyer!

Five of Swords

ConQuest 2005
Saturday, 9/3, 6 pm to 2 am
15 players

A strange phenomenon is reported in a far corner of the Dreaming… and appears to be spreading. The Inanime have asked your Court for help. Can your delegation restore the land? What will be lost if you do not find the answer in time?

Something Wicked That Way Went

KublaCon 2005

In the Muggle world, they'd call it “scaring you straight,” and you'd have detention picking up debris with local felons on work-release. At Hogwarts, however, they call it “The Student Safety Commission” and your job is to make things safer by investigating, being taken out by, or taking out, the bad things that go bump in the night. Most students who are part of the Commission complete training and make the best and the brightest of the witches and wizards of Hogwarts. But, of course, some of them never come back to school after holiday break. Which will you be? Second through fourth year students ONLY.

Remember: the teachers at Hogwarts will only give you what you can handle. The question is, how much does your opinion of what you can handle differ from that of the professors?

Forceful Lessons

DunDraCon 2005
Penny Arcade Expo 2006

Dreams of Deirdre: Star Wars variant

The Jedi Academy was founded after the second Death Star's destruction, in an effort to reintroduce the Jedi Knight Order and to help special people control the power inside and around them.

Several promising pupils were selected and sent to the new Academy, to be trained under a Master who has been suddenly called away. Now, strange things have begun to happen, each more disturbing than the last.

Too new at the Force to divine their own future, what will be the fate of the first Academy class since the fall of the Order?


ConQuest 2004

Dreams of Deirdre: Lost Colonies variant

Earth is no more, but the aliens that destroyed it are seeking its children. The Religious colony thinks they have a powerful weapon to protect all the colonies, but, as in all things, it requires Sacrifice. Are you willing to pay the price?

"Sacrifice" starts 5 years after the initial re-contact among all the colonies. Some trade between the worlds has been initiated. Initial feelings of distrust and unrest are in some cases less, and in some cases worsened by reintroduction of the colonies. "Sacrifice" hopes to answer the question: what would you be willing to do to ensure humanity's survival?


ConQuest 2004
Dreams of Deirdre: Champions variant

Everyone thinks it started as a tour. What happened next is still a mystery, as are many things within these walls.

Winds of Despair

DunDraCon 2004
Friday, February 13, at 8 PM in Room 156 for 6 hours

Winter court in Shiro Iuchi, Rokugan sees reprieve from conflict. Restless spirits only mean trouble. Show your ancestors your courage in the face of adversity.

The Goblin Ball

DunDraCon 2004
Sunday, February 15, at 9 PM in Salon B-C for 6 hours

You are invited by both the Courts to a Ball of the Goblins wherein those who know of recent troubles may speak...or remain forever silent. Costuming encouraged.

World on the Edge

A 40-50 person Star Wars LARP run at Kublacon, 2003 with Chuckling Cthulhu.

Political turmoil and strange phenomena haunt a planet faced with a critical decision that must be made - to side with the Empire or the Rebellion.

Autumn's Gate

A 25 person Changeling LARP run at the 2000 Dundracon.

An eccentric and young duke has gathered together his court to aid him in making an important decision. On one hand lies the encroaching winter, and on the other lie the plans and schemes of the fae who fight it. What will they give and what will they believe as the leaves fall in the Autumn?

A Slugha Tea Party

A 25 person Changeling LARP run at the 2000 Con-quest.

There were rumors; everyone knows what they do at Tea Parties. There were invitations--"You are cordially invited to partake of tea and biscuits. Unless you so choose to be served at your home, privately and personally. A service which can, as has been true through the ages, always be provided." And then there was where the invitations were found--clasped in a child's hand, facing the occupant on his pillow when he woke, baked in the bread of the evening meal... Now there is only the question of attendance. Is one more afraid to be at the Tea, or to never arrive at all?

Last the Night

A 30 person Star Wars LARP for the 2001 Dundracon.

In a seedy cantina, surrounded by imperial agents, rebel spies, and the scum of the galaxy, your only hope of seeing morning is scheming to last the night.

Season of the Witch

A 12 person LARP written by the folks at Nth Degree Gaming. It was run by Dreams of Deirdre at the 2001 Dundracon.

October 31st, 1883, under the light of the full moon. At midnight in the cathedral a decision will be made and the Judas Stone will come alive.

Lost Colonies

A 20 person LARP run at Kublacon in 2001.

When the Colonies lost communications with Earth, they thought they would never have contact with civilization again. For 200 years, they were right. Finally, one Colony has found a way to contact the others. Their representatives gather tonight to find some way to reunite humanity.

A Collection of Shadows

A 20 person Cthulhu LARP for Con-quest 2001

On a moonless night, in an ancient manor house, strangers drink and socialize, their darkest fears burning within them. Sometimes it seems that the only thing that keeps them here are the shadowy imaginings of what would have happened if they had stayed home.

Cthulhu Civil War Potluck

A small, wealthy, prosperous town in Woodlands, Tennessee is in danger of losing the power which makes all their good fortune possible. Tonight, the future of the power will be decided by the eclectic gathering of the locals once and for all.

This is a 20-30 person LARP and was run locally for our fans in November 2, 2001

Dark Cloud over Sunny Hill

A 20-25 person Changeling LARP run at Dundracon 2002. Saturday, February 16th at 7pm.

Parties solve all sorts of problems, giving predator and prey, friend and foe, opportunity to act civilized while plotting the most uncivilized of activities. Whispers of dissension between the nobles and the commoners are lost in the fog of deadly secrets. Blackmail, murder, intrigue...should be a lovely party.

The Highest Bidder

A 10-15 person Star Wars LARP for Dundracon 2002. Friday, February 15th at 7pm.

What can Imperial and New Republic representatives offer a new system for their resources? Credits? Protection? Of course, there is always brute force...

Mansion on the Hill

A 20-25 person modern horror LARP, that was run at Kublacon in 2002.

Your old Uncle Ephraim's been dead these 13 years, and it has finally become time, according to his wishes, to read the will. You climb the dusty stairs to his mansion with several people--some strangers, some just strange--and wonder what the night will hold for you.

Revenge of the Clones Part XLII

This is a Deirdre's Nightmares event

A 12-15 person Paranoia LARP, run at Con-quest 2002.

Troubleshooters, please report to the abandoned sector R, immediately. The most excellent Computer has requested that you seek what happened to the last two troubleshooter teams who sought out the disappearance of the Bouncing Bubbly Beverage employees there. Non-compliance in this mission is grounds for Cancellation. Have a nice day.

Shadows of the Past

A 20-25 person modern Fantasy LARP run at Con-quest 2002.

In the new age, ancient enemies were dismissed and forgotten. Modern minds rarely think of what the world has lost. Are reawakened dreams worth the cost?.


A 20-25 person Champions LARP to be run at Dundracon, 2003.

Some greet the new Paranormals with fear; others see them as harbingers of a new era. Tonight's press conference at the Meridian House should sway the nation...but in which direction?

Night on Delancy Street

A 10-15 person film noir LARP to be run at Dundracon, 2003.

There's a darkness in every man's heart, from the lowest thug to the highest politician. Sometimes, that darkness gets brought out into the light.