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We're Published!

We have published our book! You can buy a print or PDF version of our book through CreateSpace.

Click here for ordering information.

DunDraCon 2013

Dreams of Deirdre will be running A Wedding of Veils at DunDraCon (game 271, Saturday 10 AM in 508 for 8 hours), a political fantasy LARP set in the Game of Thrones setting. Will a wedding of two minor families shift the political balance of Westeros? Play to find out! Click here for more information. Mature themes.

And our own Wendy Lo will be co-GMing a game with Logan Waterman under the moniker Machimi Games. Check out "Truce of Mospheira" on Sunday night if you know CJ Cherryh's Foreigner series, or just like a good "how to deal with aliens politely" sci-fi intrigue (Game 772, Sunday 6 PM in Salon B for 6 hours).

PacifiCon 2012

PacifiCon 2012 We will be running two games at PacifiCon this year.

"A Good Old Fashioned Seance" will be playing on Friday night. Click here for more information.

We will also be re-running our Dogs in the Vineyard LARP "Overlook Sedge". Click here for more information.

KublaCon 2012

We ran a 16-player LARP at KublaCon, set in the world of "Dogs in the Vineyard", called Overlook Sedge.

DunDraCon 2012

We will be putting on a LARP called "The Museum Job" at DunDraCon 2012, on Friday, February 17. Recommended costuming will be modern formal, but remember that while costuming is recommended, it is not required, nor is a costume a guarantee of a particular role.


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