The Rules

General Rules

  • No touching. Not even if you know the other person. Especially not with objects.
  • Don't do anything immoral or illegal. It's only a game.
  • The GM's rule is law. When they say stop, stop. If they give you a response to a question you don't like, don't ask another GM.
  • If you can handle your own disputes without a GM, please do so.
  • If you have to leave the game for any reason, tell a GM. We will make up a good reason for your character to be gone, and will fix any problems that this might cause.
  • If you make a GM cry, you are ejected from future Dreams of Deirdre games indefinitely.

Contest Rules

If there is a contest between two characters, compare their appropriate stats and skills.

  • If they're the same, do rock, paper, scissors. The winner succeeds; repeat all ties.
  • If they're one apart, do rock, paper, scissors. The winner succeeds; the higher stat wins all ties.
  • If one is two or more higher than the other, the person with the higher stat automatically succeeds.

When dealing hand-to-hand damage, having a Body of 3 or less means you do 1 point of damage when you hit someone with your fist. If your Body is 4 or greater, you do 2 points of damage when you hit with your hands.

The GMs decide what order people act in. When there are a series of actions that happen (such as combat), the GMs will freeze time and start narrating action based on what people tell the GMs they do. Note: Drawing a weapon takes an action.