A subsidiary, spin-off, recognized bastardization and generally eclectic child of the Dreams of Deirdre troupe

What is Deirdre's Nightmares?

Deirdre's Nightmares is the name of the group that Dreams of Deirdre put together to run less serious, more playful games than the standard variety. While the regular DoD games are sinister, dark, thoughtful, meaningful, plot-laden and intricate, the Deirdre's Nightmares are likely to be more bizarre, unusual, ecclectic, and funny. There will still be some of the same DoD spark, but slightly less plot and more mayhem. Everyone likes mayhem.

Dreams of Deirdre isn't breaking up, and we don't really plan on doing fewer games than we currently do (ie: we do approximately 3 per year). We just added a new way to express ourselves so that our regular players don't show up and feel short changed for getting a slightly different experience than they were expecting. We love you guys. We want to surprise you guys. But we only want it to be good surprises.

What kinds of games will Deirdre's Nightmares run?

Right now, Deirdre's Nightmares will run any games that we think are less than the mostly-serious quality of the games that Dreams of Deirdre runs. For example, our first experiment with this genre will be a Paranoia LARP. There has also been talk of branching into a Kobolds Ate My Baby game. Maybe even live-action Clue. We'll have to see what the alcohol fairies bring when they next visit us.

Okay, I'm in. When's the next Deirdre's Nightmares Game?

Please see the events page for more information. All Deirdre's Nightmare events will be indicated in the game descriptions. Provided DN gets off to a grand start, we may eventually break out the Deirdre's Nightmares events seperate from the Dreams of Deirdre events.