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We're Published!

We have published our book! You can buy a print or PDF version of our book through CreateSpace.

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DunDraCon 2019

Name: Star Trek: Continuum Conundrum
Date/Time: Saturday, 2/16/2019, 10 am - 4 pm PST
Location Salon B
Players: 24
Troupe: Dreams of Deirdre
System: LARPS
Description: Space: the often-returned-to frontier. This is the crew of the Starship Valiant, NCC-1623, going boldly wherever Starfleet tells them to. But in this stretch of unexplored space, things are about to go terribly astray.

This game is set in an archetypal Star Trek universe with the camp turned up to 11. Any generation of Trek crew costuming is welcome.

KublaCon 2017

Dreams of Deirdre will be hosting "Project: Beyond Sunset" on Friday evening at KublaCon 2017. This 20-person LARP takes place at a fancy dinner and dance party being held to launch a group psychology study, which can be a good excuse to bring out any fancy dress outfits you've been saving up (but there are no obligations). We look forward to seeing you at KublaCon!

Details: Event 29001; Friday nigh, 6 pm to midnight, Bayside A

DunDraCon 2017

Dreams of Deirdre will be hosting "A Garden of Forking Paths" on Saturday evening. This is a larp told in scenes, inspired by a story by Jorge Luis Borges. This game follows four characters that face dilemmas and make decisions that will affect the course of their lives, while two other groups of players playing the same characters are possibly making different decisions. Click here for more information.

Details: Event 472; Saturday night, 7 pm to 11 pm, Salon B.

DunDraCon 2016

Dreams of Deirdre will be at DunDraCon 2016 presenting The Transylvania Polygnostic University Fundraiser, a 25-person LARP set in the world of the Girl Genius web comic. Knowledge of Girl Genius is helpful but not required.

Details: Event 172; Friday Night, 6 PM to Midnight, Room 508; Genre: Girl Genius, Steampunk; Costume Suggestions: Steampunk.

Also, congratulations on your 40th anniversary, DunDraCon!

KublaCon 2014

Dreams of Deirdre will be at KublaCon this year. We will be visiting Middle-Earth in our Lord of the Rings LARP, Leaves Fall in Lothorien.

DunDraCon 2014

Dreams of Deirdre will be at DunDraCon this year.

Friday night we will be running Of Masks and Madness (event 131, Friday 6 PM in room 508 for 6 hours; Players: 20). This Masquerade LARP will take place in the George R. R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" setting.

Saturday morning we will be trying out a new game system called Intersections to put on a game that has been on our drawing board for a long time: Kobolds Ate My Baby! The LARP! (event 232, Saturday 10 AM in Salon A for 6 hours; Players: 25). As this is not our regular system, nor will it be one of our regular games, we are running it under our "Deirdre's Nightmares" banner. Learn more about 'Kobolds Ate My Baby' here.

Thank you for making our games memorable, and we look forward to seeing you at DunDraCon this weekend!

PacifiCon Game Expo 2013

Dreams of Deirdre will be running A Duchy of the Velvet Black at PacifiCon Game Expo 2013 (Event EL-146, Friday 6:00PM, 6 hours, Ponderosa Boardroom), a Changeling LARP set in the far-flung future. Will the Changelings successfully establish the first new Duchy in mortal memory, on a small space station orbiting the Earth? Click here for more information.

Dreams of Deirdre will also have an encore presentation of A Wedding of Veils at (Event VL-147, Sun 5:00PM, 8 hours, Sierra Boardroom), a political fantasy LARP set in the Game of Thrones setting. Mature themes.

DunDraCon 2013

Dreams of Deirdre will be running A Wedding of Veils at DunDraCon (game 271, Saturday 10 AM in 508 for 8 hours), a political fantasy LARP set in the Game of Thrones setting. Will a wedding of two minor families shift the political balance of Westeros? Play to find out! Click here for more information. Mature themes.

And our own Wendy Lo will be co-GMing a game with Logan Waterman under the moniker Machimi Games. Check out "Truce of Mospheira" on Sunday night if you know CJ Cherryh's Foreigner series, or just like a good "how to deal with aliens politely" sci-fi intrigue (Game 772, Sunday 6 PM in Salon B for 6 hours).


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